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Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Companies in Europe - 2019

Technology is enabling HR leaders to attract, motivate and retain talents as engaged workers have a clear understanding of how their organisation is fulfilling its purpose and how they can contribute to it. Just as enterprises capitalise on excellent customer service, companies now are focused on enhancing an employee’s experience.

Global Organisations are making necessary changes to their strategy, governance, structure, and historical approach to engage today’s digital employees. Organisations are now utilising project management tools and interactive solutions to help employees stay motivated and engaged. Such tools offer real-time visibility of milestone progression, integrated calendars, accessible to-do lists and cloud benefits. When implemented properly, the tools can improve productivity, morale, and overall engagement. Also, by offering pragmatic add-ons, real-time solutions, and carefully planned engagement methodologies, HR teams can create a healthy and motivated workforce culture.

The digitally-native Gen z not only expects, but demands, instant gratification, and personalisation in every facet of their lives, including workplaces. The next generation employees won’t merely work for the pay check, but rather for the culture, opportunity to make an impact and recognition. HR leaders are leveraging analytics capabilities to customise employee experiences by delivering personalised content, predicting what new roles individuals may excel in and for recommending tailored learning opportunities. This edition of HR Tech Outlook features companies like Bleexo, Atobi, QuestBack and Opus Neo that are at the forefront in creating value for clients by solving critical employee engagement challenges. We present to you – “Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Providers in Europe - 2019”.

    Top Employee Engagement Solution Companies in Europe

  • Atobi


    ATOBI delivers robust communication, training, and retail execution for retailers and telcos, empowering them to take their retail operations to the next level. Its modular app is personalized to the users. The platform can be customized to meet the needs of the company. Each module of the platform is robust, but combining them will enable the users to unlock greater potential. The user base of ATOBI includes established brands such as Calvin Klein, Nike, and Tommy Hilfiger. The capabilities of ATOBI are leveraged to engage the employees and enhance sales, thus creating unforgettable customer experiences

  • Bleexo is a SaaS platform that leverages AI, real-time data to analyze employee engagement, highlight strengths and weaknesses, define managerial priorities, offer solutions, offer overall feedbacks to managers, and enhance the recognition of the company. Bleexo is a valuable tool as it provides an objective look at the reality of teams. Backed by data, Bleexo is the HRIS of soft skills. It facilitates real-time measurements, comparisons, depths of analysis, dataviz, and so on. The platform is designed to provide robust global answers. The modules are powerful and flexible and can adapt to all organizations, including startups and complex enterprises

  • BridgeIT


    BridgeIT is a premier mobile application company based in Denmark dedicated to the development of exceptional apps to fulfill the business needs of its customers. It has offices in Sweden, Romania, and New York. The BridgeIT team specializes in employee engagement apps, patient engagement apps, and consumer engagement apps. The company has extensive expertise in the development of mobile applications, which serves as a testament to its dedication. BridgeIT consolidates technology and knowledge to bring innovative ideas to life. As a solutions provider, BridgeIT inspires and advises its customers throughout the process

  • COYO


    COYO is a social intranet that provides a digital home to its customers, imparting them with trust, belonging, and community. It serves as a forum for all the employees to come together. COYO has an ultramodern look and follows the fundamental mobile-first approach. The application can be accessed from any location at any time. The dynamic company is based in Hamburg, Germany. Founded in 2010 as a consulting company, COYO has evolved into a future-oriented business software company developing innovative products and solutions for the customers. The primary mission of COYO is to provide a digital home to the customers

  • Effectory


    Effectory is a leading employee feedback platform that leverages the power of employee feedback, high-quality dialogue, and practical insights to enhance organizational performance. Its headquarters are located in the center of the vibrant, multi-cultural center of Amsterdam. Effectory empowers the organizations to tap into the insights of the employees by gathering their ideas, opinions, and suggestions for improvement. It has offices in Munich and Cape Town. Over 1000 organizations across 70 countries leverage the capabilities of Effectory. It also conducts the Global Employee Engagement Index, offering robust cross-cultural and industry benchmarking for over 56 leading and emerging markets around the world

  • ENME


    ENME empowers HR professionals and managers to seamlessly measure, understand, and enhance employee engagement, satisfaction, and motivation. The platform can be used to send anonymous questions to their email. The solution analyzes the answers and provides a detailed summary to the managers. ENME offers accurate insights to improve workspace and enhance employee satisfaction. The queries are conducted anonymously, and the pulse surveys comprise standardized questions. ENME offers a personalized results panel for the managers, providing them with robust visual analysis. The benefits of ENME include lower employee turnover, enhanced productivity, increased NPS scores, talent retention, and stronger corporate culture

  • Opus Neo

    Opus Neo

    Opus Neo specializes in the development of workplaceON on digital workplaces, irrespective of the location, time, and device. It aims to combine market-leading technology and easy-to-use experience to facilitate better communications, culture, and workflows within the company. Opus Neo develops solutions that can be easily deployed, simple, and are capable of solving a business problem. The solutions offered by Opus Neo are rates as innovative and cutting edge by the users. With its 65 years of expertise, Opus Neo empowers organizations to enhance social collaboration by combining HCL Software with its robust solutions

  • Power2Motivate


    Power2Motivate specializes in performance improvement. Its capabilities are leveraged by recognized brands all over the world. The companies trust Power2Motivate to provide world-class employee recognition programs that drive behavioral change and enhance performance across the business. Power2Motivate develops and manages some of the best customer loyalty and employee recognition programs. It places the needs of the brand at the front and center, offering robust capabilities such as custom website creation, design, and maintenance services to reflect that of the brands. It combines smart technology, people power, and robust customer service to provide its customers with simple yet powerful solutions designed to deliver results. Power2Motivate will enable its clients to establish a healthy performance-based culture

  • QuestBack


    Questback is a robust person-backed feedback platform assisting companies in establishing enhanced employee engagement and making their mark in the market. Retailers must provide robust employee and customer experience. Questback helps them achieve this by giving employees and customers the ability to share their feedback during the critical points of their journey. It enables them to connect the insight from customers and the staff to get a broader picture across the organization. Over 5000 companies across the world leverage the capabilities of Questback to bolster their standing in the market

  • Reflektive


    Reflektive delivers robust people management suite to forward-thinking organizations, helping them enhance their performance, people intelligence, and engagement with real-time feedback and recognition, check-ins, goal management, performance reviews, one on one profiles, and engagement surveys. Reflective serves over 500 customers across the world, including Blue Origin, Instacart, Dollar Shave Club, Healthgrades, Wavemaker Global, and Protective Life. Andreessen Horowitz, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and TPG Growth back Reflektive, and have helped it raise over $100 million to date. It was ranked as the 13th Fastest Growing Company in North America on Deloitte’s 2018 Technology Fast 500