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Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Companies in Europe - 2020

Employers all agree that the business world today is in dire need of a more competent and productive workforce. They are continually looking for new ways to ensure that the organisation will stay ahead of the competition. Employers have now come to the realisation that this goal can be achieved if they shift their focus on employee engagement, making it clear that work is at the core of each individual’s existence. Many individuals also use work to define who they are – the perfect opportunity to engage them and motivate them to reach their goals and provide meaning. However, employee engagement might not be the general cure for all the problems that organisations face daily, but implementing engagement strategies can help with overall organisational effectiveness as well as creating personal and career development opportunities for employees.

Ultimately, what works for one organisation might not work for another. It takes time to understand what an employee needs and values. It takes even more time to build a system designed to accurately keep them engaged and connected to your company’s purpose. Keeping in mind how a mindful investment in Employee Engagement solutions can empower an enterprise’s functions, this edition of HR Tech Outlook features some of the seasoned Employee Engagement solution providers that are driving phenomenal growth across different industries.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Providers in Europe - 2020”

    Top Employee Engagement Solution Companies in Europe

  • The platform offers a bevy of capabilities that include: Pulse survey, anonymous messaging and feedback, personalized coaching, dedicated pool, recognition, ROI calculation, 360° and 180° feedback, 1:1 meetings, annual interview, onboarding, and exit surveys, microlearning, et al. These features assist HR team and managers in understanding their employees individually, review engagement ideas and provide constructive feedback to enhance their performance. The platform provides actionable insights that help develop innovative ways to boost team engagement. To elaborate, Pulse survey can help a manager determine the team morale on a time-to-time basis. Personalized coaching, on the other hand, allows managers to provide quality feedback and action plan to their teams

  • Friday Pulse™

    Friday Pulse™

    Friday Pulse™ is designed to score happiness through research and insights from behavioural psychology and systems thinking. Through The Five Ways to Happiness at Work, we track the drivers of happiness while our predictive people analytics provides you with the insights you need

  • Attensi


    Empowers people to learn new skills, consistently, at scale with Gamified Simulation Training

  • Corehr


    The company's end-to-end HR Solution provides fully integrated Payroll, People Management, Workforce Management, Talent, Recruitment and Analytics.The unrivalled breadth and depth of functionality of our online HR software can simplify and streamline tasks, saving you time and money

  • Kincentric


    Delivers the type of leadership, workplace culture and employee engagement required to drive transformation and accelerate business value

  • Niikiis


    A plug&play intuitive employee experience platform that enables digitalization and automation of HR processes to save time & money and boosts engagement & performance at company & individual level. The acceleration to hybrid working models forces companies to quickly adapt to agile HRIS processes, implement tools that emphasize engagement & communication, provide effective learning techniques & dynamic insights for real-time decision-making

  • Planday


    Planday fundamentally restructures the workplace with its a real-time business and employee collaboration software that offers transparent shift planning, easy communication, streamlined HR processes, and online and mobile time clocking. Planday also supports managers with granular reporting and payroll integrations

  • Talentry


    Talentry’s award-winning modular Talent Relationship Platform (TRP) is at the heart of a proactive recruitment strategy. It complements your applicant tracking system (ATS) both before and after the recruitment process, leveraging the potential of a wide variety of touchpoints in the talent acquisition phase, to build relationships with candidates and employees alike

  • Teamphoria


    Provides solutions that are foocused on continuous culture management and employee recognition

  • weffect


    A management instrument to stimulate personal actions for current focus topics and learn about their implementation-level