Bleexo, French company leader in HR Tech

Stephane Waller, CEO and Co-founder, BleexoStephane Waller, CEO and Co-founder, Bleexo
Bleexo, present in over 15 countries, from Brazil to India, from China to the USA, from Italy to Norway, supports all companies that understand that in order to lead transformations, achieve strategic alignments and conquer new markets, the processes of cohesion, pride and commitment are precious.

A successful company is a company that has understood that the keys to success revolve around feedback on the needs of employees (of all generations, X, Y, Z), engage teams, strengthen cohesion, trust, boost leadership, solve problems and strengthen managerial skills to create commitment and pride in belonging to the company. Companies know that quality of work life (QWL) and employee experience are strategic, but complex, priorities. That’s why many are turning to Bleexo's complete solution to analyse their initiatives, big and small.

The Bleexo solution has 5 great inherent qualities to its modules. It promotes interactions to establish a climate of trust and increase team performance. It speeds up decision-making to launch concrete actions, based on reliable analyzes, to reframe HR strategies and ensure that the expected results are achieved. It removes uncertainty and ambiguity to detect the best internal opportunities (leadership, managerial skills, etc.) and lead to better productivity. The Bleexo digital saas solution is designed to create flexibility within companies, a key asset for keeping skills and retaining top talent. Finally, thanks to Bleexo, acting quickly is now possible to stay ahead of the competition in terms of innovation.

With Bleexo, making the right HR choices is now possible.

Whether it’s stepping your HR up a gear, addressing management issues or boosting cooperation between teams, Bleexo is here to support your projects. Optimization of human resources, staff development, team development, managerial support tools: Bleexo offers social barometers, feedback actions, surveys, polls, evaluations, positive recognition actions to answer all the internal needs of companies and to improve performances.
Transforming with Bleexo means moving forward with your teams : In a process of continuous improvement; Through active listening, focusing on softskills; Following a philosophy of collective intelligence; To engage all employees in a climate of trust. Companies are using Bleexo’s functionalities to the full to maintain high levels of engagement in the face of cultural challenges, resistance to change and paralysing uncertainty.

The complete solution for a universal problem.

QWL is multifaceted. It takes in physical working conditions, employees’ pride infeeling they belong, day-to-day management, team spirit, recognition, personal development and much more. Bleexo is designed to take all these factors into account. It covers everything, from measuring and improving QWL and employee experience to coaching, supporting managers and boosting cooperation. By combining fully customisable pulse surveys with contextualised questionnaires aimed at a target population at a given moment, real-time diagnostics and targeted coaching, you’ll keep up with the latest developments and help make your company’s employee experience truly outstanding. Also, with Bleexo, you’ll target your initiatives and optimise your ROI. Right now, you’ll stay focussed with ongoing measurements, surveys targeted at specific populations, multi-level analysis and monitoring of remedial measures and their ROI. You’ll develop tailored solutions to the issues identified and ensure that QWL and employee experience come out on top.

Employee surveys : Keep track of team morale with pulse surveys

Companies use Bleexo’s intuitive, fully customisable Pulse module, with its choice of automated or custom surveys, to make the right HR decisions, improve their employee experience and make their teams more efficient. Compagnies can base their decisions on objective results, use pulse surveys to get anonymised quantitative and semantic analysis, in real time. With algorithm analyses, benchmarks and segmentation functionalities, our dashboards are designed to support your decision-making, prioritising your initiatives and measuring the ROI.

Make your company more flexible

Through regular and targeted surveys, semantic analysis, population comparisons and real-time analysis, you can see how best to limit resistance to change and celebrate every success with Bravos! In this context of change and transformation, Bleexo assures that all teams are moving forward at the same pace and together. It is also a tool for alignment.
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