Bleexo: Connecting the Dots in Employee Experience

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Stephane WALLER, Co-founder & CEO, BleexoStephane WALLER, Co-founder & CEO
Behind every successful organization is a winning team. But, to build such a team, the leadership and managers in an organization have to ensure they engage employees at the personal level and understand their talent and demands. The need for effective employee engagement has grown multifold in today’s era of the COVID-19 pandemic that has pushed employees, globally, to work from home. In this scenario, a manager’s ability to foster her team members professionally and recognize their efforts in time can go a long way in keeping employees committed and motivated to perform at the top of their skills and drive business results, as a team.

That said, the current HR management tools available in the market are old fashioned, scarcely relevant to the employee needs, and not adaptable to the current market requirements. Filling this gap in the employee engagement solutions space is Bleexo, an innovative HR solutions company based out of France. Stephane WALLER, Co-founder & CEO of Bleexo says, “Team efficiency is a holistic and systemic subject, so the answer has to be global.” Bleexo understands that every individual in a team is distinct, and every manager, in her journey to build a successful team, should be empowered with the right technological tools to comprehend the strengths, weaknesses, and priorities of every team member. To that end, the company brings a suite of integrated employee engagement tools, driven by artificial intelligence (AI), packaged in a SaaS platform.
The platform offers a bevy of capabilities that include: Pulse survey, anonymous messaging and feedback, personalized coaching, dedicated pool, recognition, ROI calculation, 360° and 180° feedback, 1:1 meetings, annual interview, onboarding, and exit surveys, microlearning, et al. These features assist HR team and managers in understanding their employees individually, review engagement ideas and provide constructive feedback to enhance their performance. The platform provides actionable insights that help develop innovative ways to boost team engagement. To elaborate, Pulse survey can help a manager determine the team morale on a time-to-time basis. Personalized coaching, on the other hand, allows managers to provide quality feedback and action plan to their teams. The platform comes in handy in ensuring the quality of working life (QWL) for improved employee health conditions and mental fitness. In addition, Bleexo, through the platform, can contribute to efficient change management by reducing friction among the teams during business transformation, such as merger and acquisition or technology transition.

What drives the value of Bleexo’s platform is its seamless user experience. The user-friendly design of the platform has enabled the company to win several accolades in the HR industry. “Our nimble platform was awarded the best employee well-being app in 2019,” says Sylvain Lapendry, Co-founder & CTO. The company takes pride in having turned the corner for several companies struggling to drive employee experience.

In a case study, a construction engineering company was striving to align its HR strategy with the recent market trends. Using Bleexo’s platform, the company was able to provide accurate and analytical data to its managers to effectively address the day-to-day issues of different teams and ensure that every individual was progressing at the same pace regardless of their location. Through the platform, the managers were able to procure the right resources to support their teams.

Building on the success that it has achieved recently, Bleexo will continue to add simple and robust solutions as part of its platform. Employee engagement is all about connecting the dots in HR, and Bleexo does that exceptionally well by bringing in a wealth of data.
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Toulouse, France

Stephane WALLER, Co-founder & CEO and Sylvain Lapendry, Co-founder & CTO

A SaaS platform that uses AI and real-time data to enhance employee engagement